The Art of Selling

As entrepreneurs, we have to assume the role of a salesperson now and then to get more orders. How can we get better at assuming the role of a salesperson to increase our sales?

Strong client relations and continuous sales efforts are essential for your business’s survival.  Sales generate revenue that can be reinvested in our business development. 

One of the greatest barriers to selling is our own mindset. Some entrepreneurs feel they are not a salesman or are not ready to start selling. This is far from true. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs who believe in their product/service make the best salesmen. 

Selling is a trade that can be learned and developed. To become a good salesman or saleswomen, we need a process that outlines the necessary selling tasks.

To reframe your perspective of sales, consider the four phases in the sales chain:

#1 Preparation of the Sale

Before you can initiate contact with the prospect or customer, you need to make sure you are prepared with the necessary processes and materials. In the sales preparation phase, you select the customer segments you will target, focus on lead generation and create lists of potential customers, and prepare sales materials. 

#2 Opening of the Sale

Once you are prepared, you can start to initiate contact with customers through sales letters, personal calls, and networking events.  You can engage in networking activities to develop relationships that open doors and create introductions to clients. 

#3 Closing of the Sale

Once you are in contact with a prospect, it is time to develop an oral or written presentation to address the client’s needs and peak their interest in your product or service. After you peak their interest, you need to negotiate the order and close the sale. 

#4 Maintenance of the Sale

Once you closed the sale, it is time to offer after sales support, receive customer feedback, and encourage repeat sales. It’s all about keeping and developing relations with existing clients. 

After you evaluate the sales chain tasks, you can determine which parts you find most appealing and which parts you may need assistance with. 

In time with the right support, you can master the full sales process. If you want to improve your company’s sales, identify the weakest link in your sales chain and strive to improve it. If you are strong at closing the sale but weak in opening the sale, it may be best to form a sales team where one person can focus on opening the sale and the other can focus on closing the sale.

If you do not feel like you are a salesman, focus on the activities you like in the sales chain. By focusing on what you like and are most interested in, you can start to identify with the role of a salesperson. Once you identify with the role, you can strive to improve your weaknesses and overall sales efforts. 

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