A lot more than peanuts is going into this protein-packed peanut butter

Sam Lepak and Evan Laird are putting more than peanuts into their new peanut butter, Pintful . In many ways, the 22-year-olds feel they're in the perfect spot to start a business.  "We've got nothing to lose," Lepak said.

Planning efforts underway to form Whitewater grocery co-op

The Whitewater Grocery Co. is a cooperatively, locally-owned business working to build a full-service local grocery store. To be a vested owner of the Whitewater Grocery Co., individuals make a one-time payment of $150. The Co-Op has signed up nearly 400 of the 1,000 owners needed to open. 

Investors Extend More Than $550,000 to Veteran-Owned Startups at Veterans Business Battle

Polco was one of four companies to receive a $25,000 investment offer from an Entrepreneurs' Organization-Houston investment group. Investors offered a total of $550,000 to veteran-owned companies at the 4th annual Veterans Business Battle.

Innovation Center Wins Impact Award

The Whitewater University Innovation Center won the Impact Award in Mixed-Use from the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) in February of 2018. The awards honor centers involved in creating an economic impact in their community.

This middle schooler chose brewing beer for her science project. Then, got MobCraft to help

Andrew Gierczak, co-founder of MobCraft, gives back by mentoring a middle schooler who chose brewing beer for her science project. As Gierczak expained, "I love to educate on how much goes into the process and getting people interested in food science."

Scanalytics CEO to Address The Increasing Role of IoT in Building Security at IFMA Facility Fusion

Scanalytics' CEO Joe Scanlin joined a select panel at the IFMA International Facility Managers Association Facility Fusion Conference Influencing Change, Building Toward Our Future. The panel discussed how IoT solutions play an important role in emergency preparedness.

City of Stillwater to utilize new public engagement app

With new insights from Polco's civic analytics website and apps, the city will post questions and receive data to help inform local policy decisions. The City of Stillwater is looking for community input on its comprehensive plan update.

BrightStar Wisconsin invests $260,000 in two startups

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc. dedicated $260,000 in funding to two startups, Ideawake and ImageMoverMD. With their innovation capture software platform, Ideawake plans on using the $50,000 to hire additional employees and increase its marketing spend.

Wisconsin Beer Innovator MobCraft Taps National Attention

MobCraft is one of 11 companies invited to the 2018 America's Small Business Development Center's Client Showcase and Reception on February 13th at Capital Hill. The event will celebrate small businesses and the success of SBDC clients across the country.

iButtonLink Awarded the Fast Forward Grant

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) awarded iButtonLink, LLC the Wisconsin Fast Forward grant to contract up to $38,603 to train up to seven incumbent workers and four new hires in auditing and lead times for the International Standardization Organizations certification.

City of Oshkosh Launches New Online Public Engagement Tool

Polco, a finalist in the 2016 Governor's Business Plan Contest, launches their online public engagement tool in Oshkosh, WI. City leaders are looking for feedback on general items, such as snow removal.

Floor Sensors Rise as Retail Data Source

Scanalytics, a finalist in the 2012 Governor's Business Plan Contest, is helping retailers explore consumer behavior with floor sensor data. What can retailers learn from footsteps?

Startup's sensors allow retailers to track feet

Online clicks give retailers valuable insight into consumer behavior, but what can they learn from footsteps? It's a question Milwaukee startup Scanalytics is helping businesses explore with floor sensors that track people's movements.

Local Business Changing In-Store Shopping

Scanalytics installs floor panels in stores to gain a better understanding of customer trends and how consumer shop so that retailers can customize the shopping experience. The panels are in some larger department stores as well as some local stores, like Wheel and Sprocket.

Every Step You Take.. Retailers Reveal Smart Floors That Will Tell Them Exactly What Shoppers Are Doing

Milwaukee-based startup, Scanalytics, is helping businesses and retailers track people's movements to better understand consumer behavior. 

Scanalytics Gains Key Partners

In 2017, Scanalytics formed key partnerships to help the startup get to the next stage of growth. Scanalytics partnered with Intel, won the Cisco competition, and received an award from the U.S. Department of Energy. Joe Scanlin said, “Given our growth activity as of late, we’re going to be raising our series A.”

App guides Baraboo River tours, offers interactive information and history

It may surprise you to learn there’s a tour guide in your pocket. sing the same technology as the popular search game Pokemon Go, the StriveOn app tracks pedestrians’ movements via GPS and directs them to nearby points of interest.