Art Meets Entrepreneurship

Tracy, who is founder and CEO of the custom branded footwear company GreetFeet, is grateful to her art and Launch Pad professors who helped her pave to make her dream a reality. Tracy, a former athlete, is using GreetFeet to give back to fellow athletes. A portion of the proceeds from each pair sold funds the programs of the teams that sold them.

How One Company is Simplifying Community Engagement

The National League of Cities (NLC) has teamed up with Polco to change the way local elected officials get input and buy-in from their constituents. As NLC's CEO and executive director explains, "We are excited to partner with a company that gives local governments the tools to make smarter, more efficient and more democratic decisions."

WisBusiness: The Podcast with Chris Roche of RecruitChute

A recent episode of "WisBusiness: The Podcast" features Chris Roche, founder and CEO of RecruitChute . The Whitewater startup connects promising high school soccer players with college programs, giving each a chance to create their own pages and search for potential matches. After nearly two years of growing the pilot platform, Roche plans on launching a commercial version on December 15th.

The energy-sector startups selected for Milwaukee's WERCBench Labs accelerator

As one of the startups selected for the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC), Blue Line Battery will receive a $20,000 grant and an additional $20,000 investment at the end of the program. Blue Line Battery, based in Whitewater, engineers and manufactures industrial lithium ion battery systems for motive power and stationary energy storage.

JP Centre/South Main Streets Throwing Mobile App Party on Sept. 29

The Jamaica Plain Centre and South Main Streets' District in Massachusetts recently adopted StriveOn. The mobile app will supplement the First Thursdays ArtWalk. It will also make exploring the neighborhood more interactive and mobile-friendly.

Start-Up Recreation Rentalz Strives to Make Renting 'EZ' -- Recreation Rentalz

Recreation Rentalz allows users to rent or list all types of recreational vehicles. The company has been working with Iron Forge Development to build their mobile app. The mobile app launch is scheduled for this fall. Recreation Rentalz was founded by Jeremy Millian, a UW-Whitewater graduate, and his partner Brad Behrens.

Advocate Aurora invests $75,000 in Ideawake

Advocate Aurora Health Inc. has invested $75,000 in Ideawake, a Milwaukee startup and an affiliate of the Whitewater Innovation Center. The new funding round will enable Ideawake to expand from 10 to 13 employees to implement the new products the company co-developed with Advocate Aurora.

First Thursday ArtWalk Gets an App

South Main Streets' First Thursday ArtWalk will include a new interactive mobile app, StriveOn. The app will incorporate scavenger hunts, quizzes, and will ping you when you walk past a participating business. The StriveOn Launch Party will take place on the lawn of the First Baptist Church from 12:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 29th.

2019 Best Tech Startups in Milwaukee

The Tech Tribune, a new publication focused on tech startups, recently announced its 2019 rankings of the 9 best tech startups in Milwaukee. The rankings were based on revenue potential, brand and product traction, the competitive landscape, and leadership team. Scanalytics and Ideawake both rank on the list. 

Online Public Policy Polling Yet to Take Off in Madison

In a city of about 253,000 known both for its civic involvement and tech culture, and at a time when the options for free online communication are ubiquitous, residents have been slow to warm to Polco. The company counts 10 other current or former Dane County clients.

How Milwaukee Floor Sensor Startup Scanalytics Keeps on Growing

Since its launch in 2013, Scanalytics has become one of the most notable tech startups in the state of Wisconsin. The company has more than 100 clients and its technology has collected over 188 million impressions.

This Wisconsin Startup Helps Schools Improve Their Fundraising

“We want fundraising to be a positive experience,” said Platt, co-founder of Classmunity, an affiliate of the Whitewater Innovation Center. Classmunity aims to solve some of the fundraising problems that school districts have been facing.

Lemont Adopts New Public Engagement Platform

The village of Lemont recently announced the launch of Polco to make it easier for residents to participate in the community. Polco is an engagement platform where residents can give direct input to the local government decision-making process.

Smart Building Presentation to Silicon Valley IFMA

Joe Scanlin, the CEO and co-founder ofScanalytics, shared his knowledge of senior technology advancements during the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) meeting on June 27 in Palo Alto, CA.

Spatial Science Consortium in Chicago

Together Scanalytics and Salt Flats will launch Atmos, a consortium with a specific focus on spatial science. The purpose of the organization is to "understand, advance and apply research and development on the built environment and its businesses, customers and occupants." 

Scanalytics raising $1 million round

Scanalytics, an affiliate of the Whitewater University Innovation Center,  is working to raise $1 million in debt funding. The series A round will be used to fund Scanalytics growth into new applications. According to a new SEC filing, Scanalytics has already raised $533,000 from three investors.

Top Insights on the Idea Management Software Market

How do the key players in the idea management software market compare? Ideawake, Brightidea, Qmarkets IDea Management, Spigit, Quip, Organised Feedback, Planbox, Idea Drop & Exagosmart are a few of the key players in the market. Learn more about Ideawake, an affiliate of the Whitewater University Innovation Center.