Innovation Center Client

Ideawake asks the community for input on overdose prevention

Ideawake is a new idea management software that engages the community to come up with solutions to important social and health issues via their website 

Classmunity Transforms School Fundraising with Help from Ideadvance

"Having a program like Ideadvance with its methodology, money, and mentors, is invaluable." With support from ideadvance, Classmunity transforms school fundraising. 

BizTimes announces Bravo! And I.Q. winners

The BizExpo will honer Entrepreneurs and Innovators who have been nominated for the I.Q. (Innovation Quotient) Awards. Classmunity has been nominated for the I.A. Awards. 

Beloit Irontek launches accelerator program for hi-tech companies

LiveBETA is a celebration of gBETA's latest class of innovative startups. Classmunity will participate in LiveBETA on Thursday, April 13th. 

Milwaukee high-tech company receives $200,000 state technology development loan

Scanalytics Inc., a Milwaukee company and affiliate of the Whitewater Innovation Center, has received a $200,000 loan from the WEDC.

Polco Applies the Power of "Crowd Sourcing" to Local Government

Polco is a new civic engagement site that allows citizens and counties to become more informed and educated on current issues, weigh in on public policy, and lowers the influence of money within politics.

Dane County uses Polco to get public feedback

Polco connects citizens to their policymakers in Dane County. As Mastronardi explains, "Government officials no longer just need to listen to a vocal few but hear from others of the silent majority so they can make important decisions with confidence."

Polco Comes to County

Polco collects votes and public comments on policy issues from your computer or smartphone. It gives citizens an opportunity to express their views and provides policy makers with important feedback.

Beloit’s Virtual School Program Growing

The number of virtual school students continues to grow in the School District of Beloit. The School District of Beloit Turner offers a virtual school options for its residents via the JEDI Virtual School.

Presenting startups chosen for Early Stage Symposium

Classmunity, Polco, and 26 other companies have been selected to present at the 2016 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium at the Monona Terrace. 

Polling platform launches in Dane County to increase citizens’ voices

Dane County is one of the first counties in the U.S. trying out Polco, an online polling platform designed to connect citizens and local officials.