IIB Consulting

IIB Consulting at the WI Technology Summit. Pictured from left to right: Gerardo Fernandez, Tom Still, Ximena Lozada, & John Hyatt.

IIB Consulting at the WI Technology Summit. Pictured from left to right: Gerardo Fernandez, Tom Still, Ximena Lozada, & John Hyatt.

IIB Consulting

Welcome IIB Consulting! This membership spotlight features Gerardo Fernandez, Jorge E. Lozada, and John Hyatt with IIB consulting.

What services does the company offer?

IIB Consulting provides international interdisciplinary business consulting and technology solutions. The company is a full service business consulting and human resource firm that focuses on high quality nearshore engineering, project management, and software development solutions from Mexico.

What are the advantages of nearshoring?

  • Same or similar time zones for calls, correspondence, and collaboration

  • Stronger business ties through proximity and free trade

  • Reduced cultural differences

  • Reduced travel time and expenses

  • Tax incentives

Their primary nearshoring models include:

  • IT Staffing allows the client company to manage the employees, their performance, and the project as a whole. The employees are simply “leased” to the client and the client is invoiced for its human capital.

  • Staff Augmentation enables IIB to manage the project with client oversight. IIB is responsible for the implementation and ensures success.

  • Software Factory enables IIB to take complete responsibility for the project based on the clients model and deliverable expectations. The project is managed by IIB and the client simply receives the final deliverables and product upon completion.

Who is the founding team?

The IIB Consulting team consists of a group of experienced business consultants who specialize in HR, IT staffing and consulting, international law, and financial accounting.

Gerardo Fernandez
Founder & CEO

Jorge E. Lozada
Partner & CFO


John Hyatt
Partner & CMO

Why did you start IIB Consulting?

Founded in 2008, the company began as an IT services provider for Mexico and the United States, formerly known as Aztech Solutions. The idea was inspired from discussion between Gerardo and his brother, who is an engineer in Milwaukee. The United States is facing a talent shortage and is in desperate need of qualified engineers and developers. Mexico graduates a higher percentage of engineers in regards to the population than the United States. The company was founded to bridge the gap between a talent surplus in Mexico and a talent shortage in the United States.

How has the company evolved?

The company’s service portfolio grew and evolved to include legal and regulatory consulting and business consulting. As of 2019, IIB Consulting has offices in Wisconsin, Mexico City, and Cancun.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Gerardo thrives on conquering new challenges. Jorge enjoys meeting new people and making new connections. John is passionate about creating a commercial bridge between Mexico and United States. John lives in Mexico, but was born and raised in North Carolina.

Why are you part of an incubator? And more importantly, why the Whitewater University Innovation Center? 

When IIB Consulting first came to Whitewater, they felt as if they were welcomed into a family. There is something special about Midwestern hospitality! The entrepreneurial spirit of the community and the willingness to help differentiated Whitewater from other locations. It was clear there was untapped potential in this market. Over the years, IIB Consulting has partnered with local businesses to create websites and technology solutions unique to the client's needs. IIB Consulting has worked with local companies since 2015 and invested in space in the Whitewater University Innovation Center in 2019.

Have you collaborated or partnered with other clients at the Innovation Center?

IIB Consulting has worked with local companies in the area and in the Whitewater Innovation Center. Initially, Choton Basu, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a mentor with the Whitewater University Innovation Center, connected IIB Consulting with Pro-Equipment Inc. and Corncob, Inc for a website redesign.

Not only can they implement, but also can connect clients with the necessary technical expertise. IIB Consulting connected Kaliber Imaging with a developer who had the necessary technical expertise. IIB Consulting also connected Blackthorne Capital Management with 4 quality developers. Even though the original project scope required 15 developers, the 4 developers were able to accomplish the project.

Since joining the Innovation Center, the company is working to refine their marketing strategy with guidance from John DeGraff, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and founder of Innovatrium. IIB Consulting has also benefited from introductions to other entrepreneurial support organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin - including the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the Wisconsin Technology Council.

What is your company’s latest achievement?

IIB Consulting is launching an internship program. Students from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater will be paired with senior developers in Mexico. The internship program will provide students with valuable, real-world development and international business experience.

IIB Consulting recently reached an agreement with the UW-Whitewater Software Development Center. Together, the two will connect students with a senior developers in Mexico for mentoring and project work.