Supporting Entrepreneurial Growth

Photo taken by Craig Schreiner, UW-Whitewater

Photo taken by Craig Schreiner, UW-Whitewater

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur and it’s even harder if you are on your own. As the cornerstone of the Whitewater University Technology Park, the Whitewater University Innovation Center serves as a community for entrepreneurs.

The Whitewater University Innovation Center is more than a building. It is an entrepreneurial community strategically built with the support from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Wisconsin. With the support of our partners, the Whitewater University Innovation Center provides work space, coaching, and programming to take your startup to the next level. With over 25 companies, collaboration between companies is one of the greatest benefits.

The City of Whitewater, the Whitewater Community Development Authority, and the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater partnered and founded the Whitewater University Technology Park and Innovation Center in 2011.

CESA 2 chose to move into the Innovation Center during the building phase as it gave us the opportunity to create the space we needed for offices and the workshops we hold. We appreciated the connection to the University and the vibrancy of being amidst start-ups. We have been able to tap into expertise at the University and have been able to welcome the educators we serve to a beautiful space for learning. We continue to renew our lease because the building is a good fit for us.
— Nicole Barlass, CESA #2

Education & Resources for Entrepreneurial Success


Coaching and Resources

Through the University Incubation Program, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater is dedicated to providing extensive mentorship, programs, and resources for our entrepreneurs.


Office & Meeting Space

As a mixed-use business incubator, the Innovation Center offers incubator services such as office and lab space, meeting and training rooms, high-speed fiber optic internet, and VOIP telephone.


Certified Ready Land

With expansion, relocation and business needs in mind, our 35-acre parcel of the technology park is "Certified in Wisconsin" and is a development-ready site approved by the WEDC.


When IIB Consulting first came to Whitewater, they felt as if they were welcomed into a family. There is something special about Midwestern hospitality! The entrepreneurial spirit of the community and the willingness to help differentiated Whitewater from other locations. It was clear there was untapped potential in this market. Over the years, IIB Consulting has partnered with local businesses to create websites and technology solutions unique to the client’s needs. IIB Consulting has worked with local companies since 2015 and invested in space in the Whitewater University Innovation Center in 2019.
— John Hyatt, IIB Consulting

Our Partners

Dedicated on May 5, 2011, the Innovation Center is the cornerstone of the Whitewater University Technology Park and was only possible with the support of the Board of Directors and our partners: