WUTP Board of Directors

Board Officers:

President: Dr. Cheryl Green - UW-Whitewater Chancellor

Vice President: Cameron Clapper - Whitewater City Manager

Secretary/Treasurer: John Chenoweth - UW-Whitewater Representative


Board Representatives:

Kevin Kaufman - UW-Whitewater Representative

Laurence Kachel - Whitewater Community Development Authority Representative

Patrick Singer - Common Council Representative

Jeff Knight - Citizen Representative

Nate Parrish - Citizen Representative

Crystal Singer - Citizen Representative

Carol Scovotti - UW-Whitewater Representative

Richard Moyse - Citizen Representative

Mark Johnson - Director, Whitewater University Technology Park

The City Of Whitewater provides additional information such as monthly agendas and minutes from the Whitewater University Technology Park Board Meetings.